Summary of Fees

Our hope is to be able to provide a platform free of charges, but it is impossible for a business to stay afloat in this sector bearing transaction charges of customers. We have offered a 0% Deposit fee, 0% Trading Fee, 0% Exchange Fee and 0% Withdrawal fee from the day we launched - 4th December 2016.

Exchanging Currency - Naira to Bitcoin or Bitcoin to Naira

The currency exchange market could be very confusing to a banker, not to talk of a newbie. To make it easier for you or people in quick need of exchange, we introduced what we know as Instant Purchase. We shall explain Instant Purchase before going ahead with Exchange Market.

Withdrawal/Getting Your Funds Out of NairaFinEx

After buying bitcoin, or after selling bitcoin, what troubles people is how to get their Naira to their bank accounts or bitcoins to their wallet addresses. This is very easy, if you follow my lead.

Deposits/Funding Your Account

For you to be able to make transactions with your account on Nairafinex, it needs to be funded. Funding an account could be in Naira, Bitcoin or any value available.

NairaFinex Verification Process

Often times people wonder why it is important that we know our customers. This is necessary because we need to protect our customers and ourselves from fraud and try our best to follow ethical guidelines. Our verification process is very simple.

Welcome To NairaFinex Blog

Hi, my name is Ekene. I am here to guide you on how you can use even if you just signed up today, without having any issues.