Deposits/Funding Your Account

For you to be able to make transactions with your account on Nairafinex, it needs to be funded. Funding an account could be in Naira, Bitcoin or any value available.

Click on Menu, then find Account and funding support. Click on it and see a deposit link. This same deposit link can be found directly on the menu or on the homepage.
Select the currency you wish to deposit and type the amount. Follow the process until you are given an account number to pay into if you are using bank deposit, or a wallet address to fund, if you are using wallet addresses.

After making bank payment, you must enter either a teller number, internet banking transaction reference or whatever remark you used while making the transaction, alongside the date.

After making cryptocurrency payment, you must enter the transaction hash before marking that you have made the payment.

Once you have submitted payment details, an admin shall make sure your account is credited. Bank transfers could be instant, but could be delayed sometimes due to congestion. Please allow a maximum of 24 hours for us to get your funds and credit you.

Wallet address funding can also require confirmations which could be slow a times. You must be credited once you have updated your payment information with the correct data.

If you are not credited after 24 hours, then you can contact us.

Thank you