Withdrawal/Getting Your Funds Out of NairaFinEx

After buying bitcoin, or after selling bitcoin, what troubles people is how to get their Naira to their bank accounts or bitcoins to their wallet addresses. This is very easy, if you follow my lead.

Click on menu, then account and funding support. You will find a link to withdrawal. Click on it and select the currency you wish to withdraw.

If you choose Naira, then you must have a bank account in your name, where you can withdraw the money into. Make sure you have your PIN and password ready. Bank withdrawals take a maximum of 24 hours to get delivered on working days, but could take longer in weekends and public holidays. Please check with your bank if Admin says your fund was sent, but you have not received it, before following up with Admin again.

If we ever get a reversal, we try to resend the payment almost immediately through another method such as NEFT or NIP.

If you are withdrawing a cryptocurrency to a wallet address, please enter the amount and continue until you are asked for your wallet address. We send these in batches and try to make sure they are processed within minutes of your requests,  but when we get so many requests, it could take longer. Please allow a maximum of 24 hours before writing to support.