NairaFinex Verification Process

Often times people wonder why it is important that we know our customers. This is necessary because we need to protect our customers and ourselves from fraud and try our best to follow ethical guidelines. Our verification process is very simple.

1. Phone Verification
Immediately after registration, you will be brought to a page where you must enter a code sent to your phone number. Because of DND, it is possible that some customers will not get this code so we also have provision for manual verification.
To be verified manually, please use your Account Support link to write admin and instructions will be given for you to send some information like username and email from your account phone number to a particular number.
If you happen to need to do this again, just click on Menu and then select Verification/Settings Tab.

2. Identity Verification
Just after phone number verification, scroll to the bottom to see a link to identity verification where you would be required to upload a recent identity card that shows your account name in full and your face. Here, you can edit  your full name in case it is different from what you have in your card.

3. Address Verification
Scroll down after identity to see a link to the next. Address can be verified by uploading any utility bill or bank statement of account that is recent (less than 3 months old) and bears your full address and name. Utility bill could bear a different name, but must bear exactly the address in your account.

After you have done these, simply scroll down to see a link to support. Click on it and write a message so that Admin can know you are ready for verification. Your information will be reviewed in 24 hours and a response given.

If you are required to make amends, please follow the instructions. If you have submitted the right information, you shall be verified, and your account shall be ready for use.

We reserve the right to request more documents from you if we find reasons to. Please kindly supply any required document if you have it or communicate with the Admin to find other solutions to verify that we can transact safely with you.

Thank you for reading.